Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

How Turkey and Syria became ‘Earthquake Hotspots’?

It was when in 1999 Turkey was hit by the largest earthquake that killed 18000 people. Turkey and Syria are placed on four tectonic plates, Eurasian Plate , Anatolian Plat, African Plate, and Arabian Plate.

The Epicenter for the fourth earthquake is said to be in Nurdagi, Gaziantep province, very close to the Syrian border. The epicenter is the place where seismic waves are the strongest and where earthquakes occur very strongly, it is also the place where Damages are going to be at the greatest level. This center is actually between beautiful landscapes and agricultural lands.

To be true earthquakes are common in Turkey and Syria because they lie in very active seismic zones making them the most earthquake-prone in the World. This earthquake happened because of the movement from the African and Arabian Plates to the Eurasian Plates.

Anything is scary if the magnitude is more than 5 and considering that damage done to weaker buildings in the area of Epicenter and the Earthquake in Turkey has killed more than 5000. Also, many buildings collapsed due to this magnitude level. Many regions are sending relief and emergency members are working very hard to find people.

Also, the U.S Government sent assistance quickly to Turkey and Syria after powerful earthquake and aftershocks left. Even the Indian Government has sent emergency relief material, While most international countries aid to help Turkey and Syria.

Words are not enough to describe the pain Turkey and Syria are going through and the people believe that it’s a God’s act that has to be taken by each human who is living.

Right now people are freezing, Hungry, Injured, or even worse and still trapped under the rebels and many aid workers are working for relief materials.

At least Turkey and Syria building contractors should always take proper measures and build strong and capable without any negotiation in the materials used. From these measures taken, we can expect results to be positive in hard times like this.

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