Saturday, February 4th, 2023

AIMEP in Uttar Pradesh Elections! KNow more here

AIMEP When one thinks of Uttar Pradesh, a nice picture is painted in one’s mind. It is densely forested, has rivers, and is teeming with wildlife. The first plan of AIMEP’s manifesto is to conserve the state’s natural beauty. 

Shrawasti (74.38%), Bahraich (71.88%), and Balrampur (71.88%) are the three districts in Uttar Pradesh with poverty rates of over 70% or higher (69.45 percent). Lucknow has the highest poverty rate in the state, at 12.16 percent, followed by Kanpur Nagar (14.34 percent), Gautam Budh Nagar (17.08 percent), and Ghaziabad (17.08 percent) (17.47 percent). After Bihar and Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh has the highest poverty rate in the country, at 37.79 percent. Poverty is caused by a combination of low assets (private, public goods and services, and social capital) and low and unpredictable returns. However, AIMEP will assist the impoverished. They will provide 30 kgs of rice to each family for only Re. 1. All of the families are classified as being below the poverty level. Party thinks that if they are unable to assist the needy, they do not deserve to hold that position. 

Employment is yet another approach to improve the state’s situation and lift people out of poverty. AIMEP will concentrate on generating job possibilities in the villages. They will make an effort to focus on young employment. India’s unemployment rate is at 8.8 percent. Approximately 859 thousand people were employed in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh during the fiscal year 2019. 

This was an increase over the previous year. In 2019, India, a South Asian country, employed over 12 million people. Agriculture employs the vast majority of the state’s inhabitants. Among the most important crops are wheat, rice, legumes, oilseeds, and potatoes. Sugarcane is the state’s most important cash crop. Uttar Pradesh is one of India’s most important horticultural states. 

AIMEP is also concerned with Uttar Pradesh’s electricity distribution system. They will prioritize equitable power distribution throughout Uttar Pradesh. All farmers in Uttar Pradesh will receive free solar power-producing systems. Farmers will be motivated to labor more and produce more. They will also seek to find an alternate power source so that the state does not experience a power outage. AIMEP is dedicated to making the state a better and more dynamic place. Vote for the state’s progress. 

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