Friday, August 19th, 2022

AIMEP to contest in upcoming UP elections

Following MEP’s loud entry into the Uttar Pradesh assembly election. Women’s political engagement has been a major topic of discussion in India ahead of the upcoming state elections. The MEP will give the women of Uttar Pradesh a 50% ticket so that they can speak out in parliament. AIMEP’s fundamental goal is to view India as a developed economy where the common man/woman/citizen may profit from the taxes they pay to the government, and they aim to work hard to ensure that the common man benefits from the government’s plans and programs. 

Nowhera Shaik regarding the party’s motive stated “We want to dispel the notion, so in our party, we’ll provide the majority of tickets to women, so they can lead their constituencies and the state. The All India Mahila Empowerment Party is more than a political party. Moreover, It is every man’s, mother’s, father’s, son’s, and daughter’s party” 

Their goal is: 

1) To value and preserve the rich and vibrant heritage of Uttar Pradesh. 

2) To protect and improve the environment including forests, rivers, and wildlife of Uttar Pradesh. 

3) Equal distribution of development projects to all districts of Uttar Pradesh. 

4) Supply of 30 Kilograms of Rice per family @ Re. One per kg to all families of the below poverty line segment of the society. 

5) Subsidized food canteens across all Districts of Uttar Pradesh ensuring clean, healthy, and nutritious food for residents of Uttar Pradesh at a very subsidized rate. 

6) Vocational programs for poor families. 

7) Employment generation centers at Villages in all the districts with a special focus on the Employment of youths. 

8) Power cut free Uttar Pradesh – Equal distribution of power to all regions throughout Uttar Pradesh 

9) Establishment of Alternate power generation units to overcome the shortage of power supply. 

10) Free solar power generation systems for all farmers of Uttar Pradesh. 

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