Sunday, June 26th, 2022

An honest story of Dr. Nowhera Shaik.

When it comes to honesty no one can beat Dr. Nowhera Shaik. She is the real gem of India and a protagonist like her is born once every decade. An honest story of Dr. Nowhera Shaik is here.

Nowhera Shaik has always focused on maximum welfare for women and girls. She aimed to conquer the world one day, and yes, she did slay it with her grace and intelligence. For ambitious and hardworking women, she is an idol that helps to attain dreams. There was a time when there was no one beside her. It was at those times her faith in herself became solid. Nowhera Shaik was no woman to surrender her destiny; instead, she would build her future. The investor’s blessing for her good works and the honest means Shaik has lived up to. 

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is an angel who has given reasons to women to dream their hearts.  

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is an angel who has given reasons to women to dream their hearts. If there is one thing that Shaik has done tirelessly, it is best for women. She strongly believes in the theory that success can be achieved through hard work and dedication. It’s the formula that has helped Nowhera Shaik to stay on the trajectory of truth. She has helped people as much as possible but never thought to give up while many ups and downs came. Nowhera Shaik has become the successful businesswoman that she had always dreamt of. Nowhera can fight every battle with grace and dignity. In 1998, she established the Heera group of companies to empower women and make them self-reliant. During her teenage years, she fought with the patriarchal world to open a residential school for girls. 

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