Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Do you have any idea about Nowhera Shaik’s empire?

Heera Group is a business empire that has started to bring social change to the world. It was the dream of Nowhera which began in 1998. It expanded its roots in India and branches outside India. After ensuring a stronghold in the Indian market. The Heera Group does not stop there. Heera Group launched different companies consecutively. And by 2018 Heera Group was earning 1 lakh crore revenue yearly. But being the richest Muslim woman in the world never distracted its CEO from the sacred mission. She uses the Heera Group as a source of funds to help others. The Heera Group of companies has always been the support system. In earning the funds for the people who are in dire need.  

The Nation always supported Heera Group 

Heera Group of companies is a brand of trust and support. Their targets are weak people in society. Heera Group made its image as an interest-free business group. They do all their work silently without any show-off. The Heera Group of companies is very broad. They provide an extensive list of services and products. They have a strong online presence with HeeraDeals and Heera Mart. Heera Group can able to achieve this all with the love of people and Nation. This Nation has always provided the Heera Group a second chance to rise and conquer.  

Heera Group provide earn from home option 

Heera Group of companies has created many job opportunities for the poor and unemployed womens’. The Group always provides investment opportunities, To those who want to earn from home. With the launch of Heeras’ digital gold, silver, and platinum. Now investing in gold is a click away. You can invest in gold with a minimum amount of ₹5. Heera Group also provides home delivery of genuine gold bars, coins, and jewelry to the doorstep. You can even invest in Heera Group and earn high interest. There is no need to worry your money is safe with Heera Group. 

Do you have any idea about Nowhera Shaik’s empire?

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