Saturday, February 4th, 2023


Court:  Chief Judges Court – Hyderabad – C 

Filing Date:  July 25, 2018 

CNR:  TSHC010022672018 

Dr. Nowhera Shaik was busy with her organizational work, she was not available but today she attended Chief Judges Court – Hyderabad.  

What is Shahbaz Ahmed Khan’s role in the downfall of Heera Group and why a defamation case has been lodged against him?  

Most of You people are aware that Mr. Owaisi is a renowned politician who runs his party to empower Muslims but never took any steps to do so. Although He has black-mailed Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik through his puppet Shahbaz Ahmad khan. Shahbaz Ahmad khan asked for a ransom of Rs 10 crore from CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik for conducting the business in Hyderabad. Indirectly the money would have gone to Mr. Owaisi. On several occasions, Shahbaz blackmailed Dr. Nowhera Shaik for Rs 10 crore but we need to salute the courageous lady because she did not pay ransom to run her business.  

After getting disappointed with his first move, Shahbaz made a plan and created a group of fake people and named the Heera Group victim association. And yes he somehow manipulated and blackmailed a few investors and compelled them to file cases against Heera Group. Although investors were not ready for any legal battle they wanted to solve the matter personally but Shahbaz influenced them with his power and money which he got through his boss.  

Whatever the allegation made by Shahbaz khan is not proven yet and it’ll never be.  

Whatever the allegation made by Shahbaz khan is not proven yet and it’ll never be. Now the question is this puppet Shabaz compelled and influenced innocent investors to file the case but what happened to them? Did they get justice yet? However, Those investors who are with Nowhera Shaik get their money on time. Will Shahbaz khan take the responsibility for investors’ money, will he pay their losses? Now all of you have got the real intention of Shahbaz Khan, just because Dr. Nowhera Shaik denied to pay him a 10 crore ransom he created all this mess. All these things have been created for the personal gain of Shahbaz Khan and his boss, he used innocent investors for his personal benefits. All the investors are suffering just because of Shahbaz Khan.  

Shahbaz Ahmad Khan is using innocent investors for his personal benefit.  

Now those innocent investors who think Shahbaz will help them, dear friends, he is using you people. He flew to a foreign country and doing all these things from there. Shahbaz flew from India because he has a murder case on him. He is a notorious criminal and charged with a double murder case. Mr. Shahnaz Ahamad khan is charged with the Afiya Plaza murder case and since then he has left the country and is sitting in the US. There is another person Yonus Syed, a close associate of Shahbaz Ahmad Khan, who is handling the hate factories in India and is provoking innocent investors. But nothing is happening. If these politically influenced people would not have complained then the Heera Group would have gone to another level. By now Heera Group would have made a lot of profits and who would have benefited from it? Of Course investors.  

The main reason behind the downfall of Heera Group and Dr. Nowhera Shaik is Asad Uddin Owaisi’s greed for money. 

So the main reason behind the downfall of Heera Group and Dr. Nowhera Shaik is Asad Uddin Owaisi’s greed for money. All is done by his associates for the greed of money. Mr. Shabaz khan you have endeavored a lot to make Heera Group suffer losses but see where Heera Group stands today and where are you. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is still in India but you are absconding and sitting in the US and creating a mess. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is facing every court, agency, and authority and trying to repay investors whom you are motivated to file cases. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is in India but where are you Mr. Shahbaz Khan, do you have the guts to come to India and face Dr. Nowhera Shaik and Courts? Do you have the guts then come to India and attend court where you have NBW against you in a double murder case? Dear Shahbaz Khan, you have made a lot of remarks against Dr. Nowhera Shaik but nothing has been proved in a court of law. You are free to give statements but the court has its certain limit he will not act according to your statement and rules. Even dogs bark but have you seen people giving them any value? That’s your reality Mr. Shahabaz Khan, come out of your hole and face the court of law. Making a statement from the US will not help those investors who you influenced. Now those investors are also waiting for you to come and meet them.  

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