Monday, January 17th, 2022

Good news for investors who trust Heera Group

Nowhera had announced in her blog that she has already given 50,000 investors money. She is working to give back money to the rest of the investors. She said that she will give money to the remaining investors even if CCS will not be able to give data on time. Nowhera and her team had decided money will be given in four installments. 

Those investors waited patiently for their money. And wanted to continue investing in the company. There is good news for them. That company has already started its business. The company is in the process of giving back all the investors’ money. The case is almost finished. And the court has favored Nowhera. That is not far away when investors will get every paisa they have invested in the Heera Group. 

Three options are given by the company to investors 

Investors who want to continue investing in the company can continue. Their money is safe in the company’s hands. The Heera Group is not new in the business. The Heera Group is a well-known player in the business world. The company is two decades old with running businesses overseas.  

And investors who want to partially continue with the company can go through also. Their money will be given to them as soon as possible. The principal amount they had invested will get the profit share. And the amount they want to withdraw will be provided to them. 

The Heera Group also provides a third option to its investors. That is complete withdrawal. Investors who did not want to continue with the company can withdraw their full amount invested by them. But they will not get the share of the profit. 

The Heera group will not entertain Complainants 

The complainants will not be served by the Heera group. Nor Heera Group directly dealt with them. Neither can they come to any office of Heera Group for their inquiries or complaints. Their matter is with SFIO and only SFIO will consider their case. 

Good news for investors who trust Heera Group

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