Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Google vs Chat-GPT. What is it?

Microsoft launched Chat-GPT in November 2022 Many people believe that Chat-GPT is well advanced and might kill Google’s business. Drastically the number of Chat GPT users increased to one million. To counter the chat GPT. Google recently launched “BARD

What is Google Bard?

Google explains that Bard is an experimental conversation AI service, powered by LaMDA(Language Model of Dialogue  Applications). Google emphasized that Bard is experimental and they are excited for this “ phase of testing to help us continue to learn and improve Bard’s quality and speed ”.

What is Chat-GPT?

Chat-GPT has emerged as one of the most used AI Chatbots. It has enormous potential to help you in numerous ways.

You can find solutions to your unsolved questions. If you are learning programming skills then it can help you write some awesome code. You can even create a script for your short story or write some fine-tuned lyrics.

Chat-GPT platform limitations :

ChatGPT does not know the world after 2021 because its data has not been updated. It also has other, more basic flaws. For instance, even when answers are fluent and believable, there is no guarantee they are true because they have no grasp of reality.

Is Chat-GPT an alternative to Google

LaMDA is an AI chatbot that Google has already developed. However, a google engineer asserted that LaMDA was sentient since the performance of Google’s chatbot was so similar to real discussion. It is unlikely that a business like OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft will eventually replace conventional search with an AI chatbot given how these massive language models can respond to so many queries.

On Twitter, some people have already predicted that ChatGPT will overtake Google.

You may be thinking, what the big deal is in it? I’m a Google person who does plenty of searches on Google every day and finds my answers right away. Yes, you have heard it right. Case studies of your favorite platforms, Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and try finding their journey of the rise in user base. All these trendy platforms now have a vast user base, but that was different when they were launched in the first place. But the Chat-GPT chatbot has done it in a swag in 2023.

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