Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Heera Group has begun providing 20% of its profits to investors who have had a medical or another emergency.

Heera Group has re-entered the corporate world and has begun operations. Following a string of setbacks over the previous three or four years, the company has chosen to expand its store network across the country. It will take time to settle everything because Heera Group is a coalition of more than two dozen enterprises.  

The corporation has begun providing 20% of their profits to investors who suffer medical or other problems. Payment and verification procedures are underway, and those who have submitted applications will have their funds deposited into a bank account. Dr. Nowhera Shaik would like to point out that she is personally monitoring the WhatsApp message of the number she has provided with you all.  

She is attentively monitoring each and every communication that the investors send, and she is confident that God will solve the problems. She has been asked various questions about the members’ discontinuation and withdrawal, and she has previously answered you in the meeting. 

Nowhera Shaik has received thousands of applications claiming to be necessary and in need of assistance. 

Those who are in need and have health problems will receive a 20% discount. Heera Group does not have any information about the investors, but she is personally examining their bank balances and will pay them at her own risk. Heera Group got thousands of applications claiming to be vital and in need; they will be compensated soon. However, she did mention that some people had submitted their applications at the office as well as over WhatsApp and expected it to be completed as soon as possible. My friends, there is a system for everything, and Dr. Nowhera Shaik personally transmitted your application to the finance department; after the procedures are completed, your payment will be deposited into your account immediately. 

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