Sunday, June 26th, 2022

Heera Group investors are happy now after getting payment.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik has made all the Heera Group investors and supporters happy now. Heera Group bounced back into the business world and is doing business smoothly. After a small halt, the Heera Group has once again gained momentum. Investors from all over the country are happy to see that their beloved organization has bounced back after facing a series of allegations. The Heera Group has faced a series of allegations because it is doing lots of good deeds which evils don’t like. Dr. Nowhera Shaik thanks everyone for your love and affection during these days and Heera Group is always thankful for the support she got on every occasion. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is aware of the problems which her investors have gone through and she could not sleep because your problem is her’s too. She has worked day and night just to collect the investor’s data as soon as possible so that they can be paid. However, before the holy month of Ramadan, she decided to repay 20% of the remaining amount to the poor and needy investors and she did.  

Heera Group investors have faith in Dr. Nowhera Shaik.  

Heera Group investors have put their faith in Dr. Nowhera Shaik and she kept that alive. She is the Aapa of her investors and knows how to take care of everyone. Investors who are in need have been calling and texting her and she was also in deep concern. However, those investors who have filled the form are getting back their 20% repayment. She has personally inspected all the forms and made them approve. Those investors who have filled out the form and have not got the payment yet, please wait for a few days as the repayment process is still going on. All the people who are needy and who have medical and other emergencies will get back their money. She prays to Allah for your health and happiness. May God forgive your sins and make you able to help the poor and marginalized.  

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