Friday, August 19th, 2022

Heera Group is a philanthropic entity for millions of people

Heera Group had gathered the trust of millions of people. By helping many unprivileged people. They not only build colleges, schools, hospitals, and roads. But also help people financially, by allotting 2% of company profit to the poor. Heera Group is a business group that helps small businesses to grow. Dr. Shaik herself provides guidance to business aspirants. Nowhera ensures that every dream gets the place it deserves. And every young business aspirant becomes successful by their efforts did not go in vain. 

Heera Group Has done too much for its nation people 

Heera Group established itself as a philanthropist business group. The company had worked for the devastated people. And have had experience in philanthropic activities for about 2 decades. The company has been doing philanthropic work for the interest of humankind. They are promoting girl education which is still a taboo in villages. Nowhera knows education in the brain of the girls is like a wand in the hand of a wizard. Like a wizard can’t do magic without a wand girls also can’t achieve freedom without knowledge. 

Heera Group is also invested in the educational and medical fields. They have vaccinated many villagers. Without charging them any paisa. The Heera Group has focused on girls’ education. They help girls to get an education without any difficulties. Heera Group helps many people to make their life better. They help people reach their financial goals. They make poor families financially stable. Now poor families are also contributing to the national economy. When previously only men used to earn for their families. Now both men and women are contributing to family expenses. 


Heera Group is the symbol of sympathy and caring. It is supporting so many families which is unbelievable. They are functioning at a large scale. Nobody can win the hearts of the people as the Heera Group do. 

Heera Group is a philanthropic entity

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