Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Heera Group is a rich company having a turnover of 1000 crore.

Heera Group is a rich company that has a turnover of 1000 crore. Nowhera is the CEO and pioneer of Heera Group. In the beginning, it was just a group of some village girls. Nowhera did not stop there; she registered her first business venture in 1998. And it was a successful start-up. She continues her business until she is the richest Muslim woman in the world. Heera Group is the dream project of Nowhera Shaik. It was the hardship faced by Nowhera that was giving these results. Heera Group set up many branches in different sectors of the market. It has attracted many customers and investors around the world. 

Many people benefited from the halal investment scheme 

Heera Group is presenting the Halal investment scheme. It is a scheme that benefited many poor people. The people that benefited from the scheme are the needy people. People can make huge profits from the halal investment scheme. The scheme offered up to 50% returns. The company provides returns that no company can provide. It offers them 36% to 42% of return. Now people are making money without going to a 9 to 5 job. Now making money is easy and simple. Not a single person’s money is lost. Everybody is rewarded by the scheme. Heera Group is a fountain of money. In which everybody gets something to drink. 

Heera Residential Schools and Hospitals 

100 Heera Residential Schools are running across the country. Thousands of students get an education in these schools. It is a good platform to succeed in life. Heera residential school provides international level education in their school. Their colleges and universities also function in the nation. Providing a shade where young minds can grow. Studying at Heera Educational Institute opens the door to many opportunities. Heera Group provides medical treatment, operations, tests at no charges to the poor. They are improving medical facilities in rural areas

Heera Group is a rich company having a turnover of 1000 crore.

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