Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Heera Group is a right-wing business group for women

Heera Group is like a right-wing business group for women. They are always working to uplift the status of women in society. Heera Group is a consortium of more than 15 companies. Their main focus is to help women and children of the poor section of society. They also help business aspirants. To build a career in business. By providing face-to-face meetings with the head Nowhera. In which she suggests methods on how to run a business successfully. By sharing her methods and experiences with new aspirants. Nowhera provides them essential information like a mother provides her child essential resources to grow. 

Heera group has taken women into consideration 

Heera Group has set up hospitals across the countryside. To improve the quality of life for marginalized people. They have shown worries about mother health during preconception and the postpartum period. Heera Group is providing parental care for children who have no one. Heera Group is encouraging women to take initiative to be independent. For the same, they have employed many jobless women in their company. They have taken many steps to make women independent. They have raised awareness of girl education in the rural part of India. For this, they have opened schools and colleges. Heera Group is providing poor children with quality education at a low cost. 

Women are equals to boys 

Heera Group is always the loudest business group. To bring the rights of women into light. The importance of women for the nation is the same as for men. Women are no less than men. They should not be stopped from getting an education and jobs. What boys can do girls can also do. Girls and boys should be treated equally. And should be provided with the same opportunities. On many occasions, girls were able to do what boys can’t. They had increased the pride of their family and the Nation. 

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