Monday, January 17th, 2022

Heera Group towards building a stronghold in the business world

On August 1st Nowhera Shaik resumed her venture. After a long battle in the supreme court. The judge announced her victory. Her enemies were unable to prove a single allegation on her. She proved herself innocent. Her enemies now know that she was a tough lady. They know now how hard and impossible to let her down. Nowhera never gives up, her enemy tries to get her down but she keeps getting up. 

Nowhera Shaik is starting a new inning for her business. She has new plans for her business. Some companies of Heera Group have become functional. Soon the whole Group will start working. Nowhera already announced re-entry 0f many companies in the market. Like Heera Gold,  Heera Jewellers, Heera Developers, Heera Electronics, Heera Tour and Travels, Heera Pure Drops, Heeradeals. 

Purpose of Heera Group 

Nowhera is doing business to support her social welfare project. Heera Group always has been the greatest fund provider for all social work of Nowhera. Nowhera started the Heera Group for the purpose of paying expenses for her social work. Now the great empire is running many educational institutes and charities on its own. Soon it will be running on its full power. 

There was a pause of three years in the functioning of the company. But due to the struggle shown by Nowhera, the company is standing tall again. Enemies try everything from spreading rumors to blaming Nowhera. For the things that were never going to happen. As of now the case is almost coming to its end. And the company re-settling itself. The day is not very far away when the company is fully functional. 

Now Heera Group needs time 

Nowhera Shaik is capable of doing magic. She can take the company to its lost status. We can trust Heera Group to provide support to weak sections of society. Heera Group has been there for poor people for about two decades. It understands their needs and requirements. To come back to its form. All it needs is time. 

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