Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Nowhera never stops dreaming. Her dream is selfless!

Before 1998 Nowhera Shaik was just an ordinary girl. But she was somewhat different from others. She has a dream in her eyes. She has been watering her ideas since her childhood. And she will water them until she will have died. Nowhera has trusted in herself. She never let her self-esteem down. She had a positive ego about her. Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group both face difficulties. She never got down by the difficulties instead she learned from them. Problems and difficulties are an inevitable part of life. In difficult times we have to behave like students. They always seek to learn in life. Dreams give us objectives in life. 

Nowhera believes that work helps in doing social work. She wanted to take this work to a bigger stage. So, she joined politics some people don’t like it. They become jealous of the success of Nowhera Shaik. The love she is getting causes hatred to grow in their heart. They can’t see getting women empowered. They just don’t want women to be equal to men. Educating women means challenging their power. But, Nowhera never steps back in her sacred mission. She constantly strives hard in her path. And she gets the desired result. Now many women are working in her company. Girls are getting their education in Heera Group educational institutes. 

Don’t stop the dreaming 

So never stop dreaming. Dreams create goals and objectives. They give us a unique identity among other people. Those are dreams that keep us moving even in insecurities and vulnerabilities. Dreams keep us moving in life. They are the reason that we strive hard in our life. Nowhera dreamed of a nation where every person has equal opportunities. Where there is no injustice. Every section of society is respected with dignity. She saw a dream and she is working on it to make it real. 

Nowhera never stops dreaming. Her dream is selfless!

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