Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Nowhera sacrifice her life for this nation

Nowhera has dedicated her whole life to the nation. She has openly supported girls’ education. She was in support of girls from her childhood. She saw how uneducated women suffer in a patriarchal society. She wants to take them out of misery. So she takes the responsibility into her own hands. When she becomes an adult she opens a school for girls. Nowhera helps India to raise the literacy rate among girls. 

Nowhera’s favours to the nation 

Nowhera always helps girls to become self-reliant. She provides opportunities to women in her company. The more people work the greater will be GDP. She employs women. In turn, they make homes more financially strong. Nowhera came from a patriarchal society. Her society didn’t allow her to run a business. She fought against the old beliefs to serve the nation. 

In 1998, Nowhera registered Heera Gold. It was the first company opened by Nowhera. For the sole purpose of serving the nation. Later she expanded it into other sectors. Like trading, export and import, malls, construction, electronics, hajj, and umrah, etc. She opens many educational institutions. She has recruited more than 25000 people. Heera Group assists India to fight illiteracy and unemployment. 

Nowhera aided the nation in unique ways. Like increasing literacy rate in rural areas. She employs women in her company. She has launched digital gold, silver, and platinum. Now people can invest their money in them. They can invest with as little as ₹5. And Earn from their home through their phone. 


Nowhera Shaik gives some part of her earnings to the poor. She has done so much for the nation and its people. She never wants any return or thanks for it. All she wants from everyone is that everyone becomes literate. Everyone earns a decent amount from their job. She wants this country to be secular. She dreams of a country where man and woman are equal. 

Nowhera sacrifice her life for this nation

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