Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Nowhera Shaik is confident even in hard times.

She is a woman with hope who stays confident always. Sometimes life becomes very hard to live. And we don’t find support from any person. In these times one should not lose hope. One should not stop dreaming. Your beginning could be worse. But your end will depend on you. How you process your thoughts. How you shape your actions. Nowhera Shaik’s start also was very bad. Her family was in poverty. She has to leave her education in the middle. She has to work in childhood. When children normally play and learn. 

Nowhera Shaik and her business career 

With poverty and lack of a higher level of education. Nowhera started her entrepreneur career with confidence. She never doubted her skills. She knows her capabilities. She tries her luck and she becomes successful. After she succeeds there is no turning back.  

Nowhera realized that she has big responsibilities. And she is fulfilling them. She never fears her responsibilities. It could be expanding her business. Or providing healthcare facilities in rural areas. She never runs away from challenges. She puts her efforts consistently. And she also got rewarded. 

Nowhera Shaik political journey 

After getting fame and success in the business world, she got rewarded for philanthropic work. She started her political journey. No sooner did she start getting threats. But she was brave enough to continue on her path. When her enemies realized. She was not an ordinary woman. Her enemies plot against her. To hamper her political career, she was jailed for 3 years. For a petty amount, her business was stopped. And when She proved innocent, she already lost three important years of life.  

In all these years Nowhera never loses hope. She kept her patience alive. Nowhera gives a tough fight back to her rivals. And proved her innocence. This was the victory of good over bad. And right had placed over wrong. 

Nowhera Shaik remain confident even in hard times

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