Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Poor and Girls has always been the priority of Nowhera

Educating the downtrodden has always been the priority of Nowhera. Nowhera has been prioritizing education in the nation from the start of her career. Nowhera has brought much-needed attention to “education of the poor”. When nobody cared about the education of the poor. Nowhera brings the subject to light. Unlike others who just talk and do nothing. And if they do they do little to show off. How much Nowhera cares for poor people is incredible. And efforts put by Nowhera to educate poor people are amazing. It is her dream to bring the world prosperity and wellness. 

Just need a kind heart to help anyone 

Nowhera shows the world that you want to help anyone, you need to be dedicated to your work and be a kind-hearted person. Nowhera started philanthropic work when she had no Funds. But she never loses courage. She started her business career with little support. After the success of her business. She started getting investments for her business. Instead of getting busy with her work, she focused more and more on poor people. Money brings no difference in her nature. She remains kind and gentle to people who are victims of circumstances. She gives love to poor people. And in return get loved by poor people. 

Nowhera is providing philanthropic services when she doesn’t have enough funds. Nowhera Shaik progressed in delivering philanthropic services with the help of her benign heart. She believes that business helps in doing social work. She didn’t ask for financial aid from anyone for her philanthropic work. And has done all this work by her effort. The money she invested in social work was earned by years of hard work and patience. She was aware of the needs of poor people. Because she was once between them. She faced many hardships. She doesn’t want any girl to have to face what she had to face. 

Poor and Girls has always been the priority of Nowhera

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