Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Torture in jail to get Nowhera down

Nowhera Shaik is a successful entrepreneur but this story of her jail days brings tears to your eyes. Heera Group is like a dream come true. The development of the Heera Group is the biggest achievement of Nowhera Shaik. For Nowhera development of Heera Group is like brick by brick. She has invested in Heera Group her whole life. It is like growing a child. She is the only person to bring the Heera Group so far. She is the mother of the Heera Group. A person put so much of her on something. Will take every step with so much precaution. So how she can take so little amount which in the end gives her no gain. All accusations against Nowhera are baseless. 

Nowhera had gone through a well-planned plot. She realized it when she was in jail. Putting her behind the bars didn’t satisfy her enemy. They start torturing her in jail, torturing her mentally and physically. Interrogated her for so long until she broke down. They force her to leave her mission of justice for women and the poor. Also, made her lose her will. They keep getting her down. But she never gives up. And keep getting up. They victimize her to ensure that no courage is left in her. So that she can’t face her enemy. And can’t continue her mission.  

It is not easy to get this lady down 

Despite the full effort by her enemy to take her down. She never loses hope. She has firm faith in Allah the Almighty. God never leaves her alone in the journey of life. She trusted the Indian judiciary. And in the end, the decision came in her favor. Difficult times come in all of our lives. Life is a test. It’s not our life experiences that identify us. But it is our decision that creates our identity. Nowhera is the revolutionist. She has the potential to bring change to society. 

Torture in jail to get Nowhera Shaik down

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