Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Cow Hug Day. When?

Animal Welfare Board of India has recently announced the 14th of February will be celebrated as COW HUG DAY instead of Valentine’s day. The news became a huge sensation and people started stating their comments on social media. Cow hug day has its roots in 2020 when researchers found cuddling with Cows helped decrease Stress and give comfort reasons for the huge figure and slow heartbeat. Since it had results, the Indian government suggests people embrace Cow embracing culture rather than naively following the Western culture.

The Animal Welfare Board of India in its appeal released on 06/02/2023 stated that Cow is the backbone of India and is still in some parts of the nation venerated and worshipped. It is the bound duty of the citizens to embrace cows that help us in every walk of life. The western culture has corrupted the Vedic culture and as a result that the culture is on the verge of extinction. Cow lovers on February 14 can embrace cows stated the appeal.

Valentine’s day traces its origin to the sixteenth century. The death of two men both named Valentine is celebrated conventionally as Valentine’s Day. The Roman Catholics are the reason behind the day being celebrated as lover’s day. Amidst various stories and conspiracies regarding Valentine’s day, this is considered to be the most accepted one. 

People started censuring the news soon after it was released. Videos of people getting kicked by the cows while attempting to embrace them went fervid on social media. Although it turned out to be a laughing stock it is far-sighted in its respect. It is seen by many as an attempt to teach the younger generation the Indian culture. In the present day scenario the culture and the long-standing beliefs considering cows as sacred beings are decreasing. Cow Hug Day is believed to create an impact on society and to recoup the fallen cultural values.

It turned out as a solace to people without a partner to celebrate Valentine’s day. It is always a good choice to turn to nature.

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