Friday, August 19th, 2022

Heera Group case near to end- Supreme Court

In the Heera Group Court hearing on 28th October 2021 court slammed every department. The Honorable Judge shows their displeasure in every department related to the case. They all had failed to follow the deadline given by the Supreme court. The next hearing will be in January.

Orders had given by Supreme Court

Previously the court gave work to the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) to gather all departments involved in the case and Create a workable situation.

The court showed displeasure to FSL due to failing to give the report despite holding Nowhera and data for 2 years in custody. To pass any judgement the court needed a report. The court asks why they are taking so much time to analyse data. Court also said if they need a CA they can hire. “Country is not short of technical experts,” the court said.

The Honorable Judge asked the CCS why they were unable to give data to Heera Group. In which they reply that they need Five lakh to make a copy of data so that they can give it back. To this, Nowhera’s lawyer replied they are ready to pay not only five lakh but ready to pay ten lakh for the same. So that CCS can give data to FSIO and Heera group.

In the report, ASG demanded that they need a Chartered Accountant and a Valuer. CA for the examination which claimants are real and which are fake. And Valuer for valuation of property to determine the price of the property. Court ordered that expanses of CA and Valuer will be borne by FSIO.

ASG asks in his report that FSL must make a team and assist them under learned ASG. So that this work can be taken to its end.

ASG also reported one more problem about this case, for example, if one person lodging a complaint in the state the same person is lodging a complaint in CCS and in many other departments. So there are arrests taking place of heads of Heera Group. To stop this harassment Honorable Justice ordered all claimants to lodge their complaint in SFIO before 20 November.

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