Monday, October 18th, 2021

India and Denmark looking forward to deepen their cooperation in the health, agriculture, and climate change sectors

According to Mette during a news conference held following the bilateral talks, collaboration between the two nations, India and Denmark serves as “an excellent illustration of how sustainable development and environmental protection can coexist.”

Fruitful meeting

In “fruitful” meetings on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his visiting Danish colleague Mette Frederiksen discussed ways to enhance collaboration in a number of vital areas, including health, agriculture, water management, climate change, and renewable energy.

Following the talks, Modi issued a media statement in which he stated that both parties had evaluated the progress made under the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership and had discussed the possibility of expanding overall cooperation in a variety of sectors.

In addition, the two sides signed four agreements that will allow them to enhance their cooperation in science and technology, climate change, and talent development, among other areas.

Green Strategic Partnership between India and Denmark

“One year ago today, we convened a virtual summit in which we made the historic decision to establish a Green Strategic Partnership between India and Denmark. “This is a demonstration of far-reaching thinking and a commitment to the environment on the part of both our countries,” he stated.

According to her words, Modi’s emphasis on green technologies has earned him the title of “inspiration for the rest of the globe,” and she praised him for his efforts.

“I am especially pleased to see that Danish solutions are playing an important role in meeting your extremely ambitious targets… It has been stated that you have set some pretty ambitious targets in terms of providing clean water to more than one million households as well as renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind,” she remarked.

Agricultural productivity

Agricultural productivity in India is expected to grow as a result of the cooperation, according to Modi. The two countries have agreed to work in areas such as effective supply chain management, smart water resource management, and technologies relevant to the farm sector, he said.

Fredericksen stated in a media statement that the cooperation between India and Denmark is a remarkable example of how sustainable growth and environmental transition can be achieved together. She stated that both parties have committed to increase collaboration, notably in the health and agriculture areas.

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