Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

“Kavach” 2023 Cybersecurity for Digital India.

National Level Cybersecurity Hackathon focused on Solutions for Digital India

The Ministry of home affairs and education with the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), launched “Kavach 2023”. Hackathon is a competition where people use technology, primarily coding, to achieve an objective for events usually organized by IT companies or any Organisations.

Kavach is launched to identify creative concepts and technology solutions for cybersecurity challenges faced by Indian Intelligence agencies. This will be a very challenging idea for innovative minds to form a framework to focus on cyber security issues using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Automation, Big data, and Cloud computing.

According to the organizers, Kavach can be taken part by students of higher educational institutions who are pursuing “Graduate / Post Graduate / Ph.D.” including IITs, any Indian registered startup can also enroll for this event.

TG Sitharam, Chairperson of AICTE, said that this will be aimed to go beyond the competition and ensure the cyber solutions available to the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD) as well as other institutions across the Country.

The Kavach has 20 unique critical problems and important matters which are shared by BPRD and the Indian Cyber security coordination center. This includes Women’s Safety Apps, Obscenity blocker solutions, Phishing detection solutions, Dark Web crawlers, and Citizens’ Safety Apps.

“Cyber Security has been highlighted in five important categories: Critical Infrastructure, Application, Network, Cloud and IoT(Internet of things) for all these areas young minds are going to help with creative solutions” for Kavach 2023 which will be taken to the next level as Sitharam said.

Sitharam highlighted saying this will be enhanced with digital adoption as the rate of cybercrime is increasing. In 2022 over 10 lakh complaints were reported in cybercrime reporting portal.

Rakesh Kumar from the home ministry said that till today no one has developed a system for these problems so it’s necessary to collaborate with organizations and find a solution. We can expect a solution for some of these issues by June and make life easier from Cybercrime and feel safe to use the Internet.

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