Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Nowhera Shaik: A lady in a burqa.

Nowhera Shaik is the most successful woman entrepreneur in India. She is the lady in the black burqa moving forward with her chariot in the gold business. All this success and fame came after long battles of sleepless nights and early morning shifts. Nowhera Shaik is a lesson for young entrepreneurs who dream of being successful in the business world. Here are some business tips for women entrepreneurs before entering into business. 

●    Hard Work  

People do not see your late sleepless nights and early morning works for the struggle you had on the road to success. For your trolls and fans, the only thing that matters is whether you could reach the destination or not. 

●    The close ear rule  

Whenever you feel that someone is incurious about your ambition and trying to demotivate you, get rid of them. You have to ignore their advice as you have never heard. You insert their advice from one ear and release it immediately. Nowhera Shaik has done this to her haters, and she always ignores haters’ advice and unmotivated talks. In the last 25 years, She has seen many ups and downs in her business life but always ignored and moved on 

Nowhera Shaik is the business icon of a young women entrepreneur. 

People constantly humiliated her many times for peculiar reasons, starting from the burqa to her manner of speaking. She has never given up; no matter how big a problem, she always fought to win. Giving up is the worst decision you can ever take. Shaik believes that most often, people give up just before reaching their destination. You should take her advice and take a break but do not change the trajectory of your destination. 

Nowhera Shaik is being harassed for two years because she was making her own money and dreaming about empowering women. The price of being a Nowhera is challenging in today’s world because not everyone has a backbone. 

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