Friday, August 19th, 2022

Nowhera Shaik: Live your life on your terms

There are thousands of women who want to live their life in their way. But society restricts them. Limitations are put on them in the name of religion. They are expect to sit, walk or stand in a certain way. Their life is monitor like a CCTV camera. Nowhera Shaik can feel the pain of innumerable women. Those who are trapped in an inhuman lifecycle wanted an opportunity to get out of the cage. The thought of their cries and suffering was reverberating in her head.

There are many women whose life has become better by the support of Nowhera Shaik. She is the voice of the disadvantaged women, whose story will never come to light. She has given strength to many women to fight against wrong and inequality.

How Nowhera helps other women to lead their life

Nowhera Shaik helps others to become independent. She even helps her siblings. In 1998 she opened her first educational institute to educate girls. She also sold her parent’s property for the institute. She is helping every girl she can to make them the boss of their life.

Later she started gold trading. Then she founded Heera Gold with the sole purpose to make women financially independent by providing jobs in her company. She had also allotted a portion of her business profit for needy women and children to make them independent. She formed the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) for the sole purpose of making women empowered.

Nowhera Shaik always lived her life on her terms. She didn’t let anyone decide her life. She was thankful for her parents for the life she was living today. Her parents play a major role in her life. She was here as an independent soul by her own decisions. Even if she made some decisions wrong but she owns them. The vision of her life, her braveness, and boldness make every girl encaptivated.

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