Friday, August 19th, 2022

Nowhera Shaik- The difficulties she faced as a woman in a patriarchal society

Being a woman in a patriarchal society is difficult, and it becomes even more difficult when you take a stand against them. Nowhera Shaik stood up to them and rejected their patriarchal beliefs, and fought a lengthy battle to overthrow the oppressive mindset that had been instilled in her.

 When Nowhera Shaik founded the Heera Group of enterprises in 1998, it was a game changer. Her purpose was to use the business to help others in some way.

Furthermore, She is still engaged in a battle against society, not for my own personal gain, but for the advancement of women and young girls. She had to overcome a number of obstacles and hindrances, but she never gave up in the face of them.

Heera Group is a symbol of defiance and dissent.

Heera Group is not a business that exists solely to produce money and profit. It is a sign of resistance in the face of oppression. It represents the struggle against oppression. It also increases awareness about the importance of girl child education in rural areas, particularly in outlying areas.

 Heera Residential School and Colleges is a testament to the generosity of the gods. It is Nowhera’s ambition to empower women that has been brought to fruition thanks to the funds provided by this company.

While discussing about her Heera Group she stated that “ Heera Group is a dream project that began 23 years ago with eyes full of veins bursting with goals and a heart full of dreams! I had a dream about having a name”.

Furthermore, she stated that “ I progressed from one step to the next, gradually establishing my Queendom of wants. So, rather than trying to fill an empty space with a veneer of pomposity, I built a rock-solid empire of mins. In the current financial year, the Heera Group’s property net value totals a phenomenal INR 1,00,000 crore. Since 1998, I have not taken out a single loan from a financial institution”.

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