Friday, August 19th, 2022

Who Is Afreen Fatima, Student Activist Whose House Was Razed by Prayagraj Admin

The house of student activist Afreen Fatima and her father Javed Mohammed was demolished. The  Prayagraj authorities demolished the house of Afreen Fatima on Sunday, 12 June; over alleged involvement in the violence that broke out in Uttar Pradesh amid the Prophet Muhammad remarks row. Afreen’s father, was a leader of the Welfare Party of India. Police accused him of being the key conspirator in Friday’s violent protests where arson and stone-pelting were reported. In addition to sloganeering against suspended Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Nupur Sharma. The police have accused Fatima of being her father’s adviser and being involved in notorious activities. The action against the student activist and her family is widely criticized. As another instance of the bulldozer politics being perpetrated in BJP-ruled states. 

Afreen Fatima is the National Secretary of the Fraternity Movement, the student wing of the Welfare Party.  

Afreen Fatima is the National Secretary of the Fraternity Movement, the student wing of the Welfare Party. Fatima completed her master’s from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in 2021, where she served as a councilor of the students union. She has also served as a former president of the students union of Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University. The activist has addressed various sessions on recent political issues. She has been vocal about her opposition to issues such as the hijab ban in Karnataka the Sulli deals controversy, the Bulli Bai app, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), etc.  

Afreen and her sister Sumaiya have also initiated the formation of a community for the young Muslim women from Allahabad. She initiated with the intention to grow a sense of sisterhood and to be each other’s support. Fatima formed the study circle for the young woman, named Muslimah Allahabad with her younger sister last October. The circle has over 70 members.  In 2020, she gave a speech against the CAA during a demonstration held at the Mansoor Ali Park in Prayagraj’s Khuldabad. 


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