Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

A new lawyer has been hired by Shah Rukh Khan for his son Aryan Khan

Amit Desai, a new lawyer appointed by Shah Rukh Khan, will represent son Aryan Khan in the Mumbai cruise narcotics case. Aryan’s bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13.

Shah Rukh Khan has recruited Amit Desai, the lawyer who got Salman Khan to acquit in the 2002 hit-and-run case, to represent his son Aryan Khan in the Mumbai cruise drugs case.

Amit Desai to represent Aryan khan

Amit appeared in court on behalf of Aryan Khan. Following the bail plea notice, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) counsel informed the court that the agency requires at least a week to file replies due to the several bail pleas ongoing in the drugs case. Amit Desai, defending Aryan, stated, “The man has already been in prison for a week.” Bail hearings do not have to be based on an investigation. I’m not appealing for bail; I’m just asking for a date.”

He continued, “Someone’s liberty should not be restricted just for administrative reasons. Their probe may be extended. In the case of this boy (Aryan Khan). The maximum sentence is one year in prison. There is no evidence against him, and no substance was discovered on him. So, if they say they need another week, consider the fact that it is only for a one-year term.”

Amit Desai as Salman khan lawyer

In 2015, Amit Desai represented Salman Khan at his bail hearing. The lawyer had contested a lower court’s decision to sentence Salman to five years in prison in the case. After Amit defended Salman in the case in May 2015, the actor was grant bail for Rs 30,000.

Aryan khan’s bail appeal

After the magistrate court denied Aryan Khan’s bail application on Friday, the next hearing was held in a special NDPS court (October 11). Amit Desai represented Aryan Khan in court and requested a hearing date on his bail application.

The court subsequently scheduled Aryan Khan’s bail hearing for 2:45 p.m. on October 13. Judge VV Patil has instructed the NCB to file its response by Wednesday.

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