Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Atrangi Re: Akshay Kumar introduces us to Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush and ‘madness of love’

Motion posters for Atrangi Re feature Akshay Kumar introducing Dhanush’s Vishu and Sara Ali Khan’s Rinku, as well as other actors. The film, directed by Aanand L Rai, will be released on Disney Plus Hotstar in the near future as a direct-to-digital release. 

On Tuesday, Akshay Kumar unveiled the first official images of Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush, and himself from their upcoming film Atrangi Re, which is directed by Akshay. We were given a glimpse into the three characters’ colorful world through the motion posters, which were shared on social media by the actor who played them. While Sara will be seen as Rinku, Dhanush will appear as Vishu. He also revealed that Atrangi Re will be released on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

The three characters’ various appearances from the film are depicted on the motion posters. Each post also has a specific song playing in the background, which is most likely one of the songs that are depicted on each of them individually in the film. The trailer for Atrangi Re will be released on Wednesday. 

Sara Ali Khan had posted a photo of herself and Dhanush with director Aanand L Rai to her Instagram stories on Monday, and the photo was of the two of them. Previously, the actor had also shared several images from the film’s set on his social media accounts. 

Atrangi Re, a romantic drama directed by Aanand L Rai, is expected to be released in the near future. When asked about working with the filmmaker, Sara expressed her excitement by saying, “Aanand ji is known for telling great stories with very strong women, and I really hope that this can follow in the same vein.” I hope that we have been able to accomplish together what he has done so successfully so many times without my assistance in the past. 

Atrangi Re: Akshay Kumar introduces us to Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush, and ‘madness of love’

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