Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Nowhera Shaik helped in the development of rural areas

To develop the rural sector was Nowhera Shaik’s top priority. Nowhera was constantly working for the development of rural areas. She is a business tycoon that has invested in rural areas. For the sole purpose of the growth of rural people. She was the loudest activist. In raising voice for girls education in the rural areas.  

She was from the beginning of her childhood, concerned about the progress of rural areas. When she was 19 years old, She opened a school. Where people can get both worldly and religious education. Nowhera had opened schools and colleges at different locations. She builds the system in these schools. Where children who needed financial aid. Has given help with their books and uniform fees.  

She donates her 2% of income to financially weak people. Many charity institutes are running under her company. Her main focus is the weak people of society. Like women and children. 

Heera Group provides healthcare options in rural areas 

Heera Group is delivering free healthcare facilities in rural areas. They have launched mobile clinics. Which anyone can use without any charges. This will improve people’s overall health. The clinic ensures that people get vaccinated.  

They do not have any chronic diseases. This will increase their quality of life. And they will be able to secure a job. The company is providing counseling to devastated women in rural areas. To those trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. And are mentally exhausted by their efforts. The company helped them to gain status in society.  

Nowhera gives them employment in her company. Her company also provides parental care services to orphans in rural areas. So that they can live a healthy and better life. Her company vaccinated many rural people free of cost. 

What is the Heera Group doing currently? 

But due to recent events, the philanthropic work had stopped for some time. But now the company is back again. The company is increasing its performance. Soon the company will reach its old state with new functions.  

Nowhera Shaik helped in the development of rural areas

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