Monday, October 18th, 2021

Turtle conservation- An Indian biologist Shailendra Singh won the Global award

For bringing back the three different endangered species of the turtle back from verge of the extinction, Shailendra Singh has been award with the Behler turtle conservation award. To lead the Indian turtle program of the Wildlife Conservation society (WCS), his name is appointed. In India there are 29 different species of fresh water tortoise and turtles.

In India he is the lost hope for the existence of the several wild species of the turtle.

About the reward:

In 2016 the Behler turtle conservation award was introduced to recognize the efforts and contributes. And outstanding achievements that are made for the conservation of the different species of the turtle.

Several worldwide bodies have bestowed this award that are involved in the conservation of the turtles such as Turtle conservation Fund, turtle survival alliance, turtle conservancy and fresh water turtle conservation groups.

In this contest of 2021, as a part of the (Turtle survival Alliance) TSA Indian’s research and breeding programs in the country, three different critically endangered species of the turtles are conserved. These species are:

  • At different temples in the district Assam “the black soft-shell turtles” are conserved.
  • In Sundarbans “the northern river terrapin” species are conserved.
  • At Chambal “The Northern River Terrapin “are conserved.

Why Behler turtle conservation award was awarded to Shailendra Singh?

In just 15 years there are very few people that made such a great contribution for the conservation of the turtle that is made by the Shailendra Singh, said by the president of the Turtle survival alliance.

He also said that to witness the contribution made by the Shailendra it may take a decade. For the conservation of the turtle in India his name has been synonymous.

His team have impact over half of the turtle species which are most the endangered species of the turtle in the world,

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