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How is Nowhera Shaik able to do all that philanthropic and entrepreneur work?

Nowhera Shaik Was born in a vegetable seller’s home. Her mother and father both used to sell vegetables. Nowhera’s father also led five times prayer in the local mosque. Her family was in poverty. Due to this, she was unable to complete her education. Despite this, no obstacle was able to stop her from achieving her dream. From selling vegetables to jewelry Nowhera never loses the rope of hope. Despite many disadvantages on her side. She never gives up and keeps climbing like an ant.

Nowhera Shaik Struggles

After founding her first company in 1998 Heera Gold it was no turning back. All she can see behind her is the suffering of her other nation’s sister. She wanted to help them in any way she could. When she has been climbing the ladder of success she never left behind the needy ones. She is always the voice of disadvantaged women, the poor, and the orphan.

┬áNowhera rejects the patriarchal system and figures out her destiny on her own. She never let anyone control her life. Out of this, she has a secular ideology. So she never discriminates based on race, religion, or caste in helping others. This is also the foundation of her political party ‘All India Mahila Empowerment Party.’ She helps people because of humanity. And that is the sole motto of her party.

Now Nowhera has already opened many educational institutes in which many students studying free of cost are making their future with the help of Nowhera Shaik. Nowhera never asks for any return for his favors instead, she thinks God elevates some people so that they can do good to other people who are in need. So it was her mission to help other people. She has been providing benefits with her income also by dedicating 2% to poor children and women.

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