Friday, August 19th, 2022

“Life teaches you far more than any academic text ever could!” – Nowhera Shaik

Life is an excellent teacher. Our experiences shape who we are as human beings. It simply alters our overall perception. While we are growing, our black hair turns grey as a result of the experiences we gain. Everyone’s experience is unique, and Nowhera Shaik’s has been authentic. When viewed objectively, a voyage inspires both despair and a sudden surge of confidence. To be in her shoes requires a great deal of courage. She has always spoken out against things she disagreed with. “If we always remain silent and allow things to be as they are, the wrong will continue to reoccur!” she believes.

Difficulties in life of Nowhera Shaik

With all of her strength, Nowhera Shaik has fought and overcome some of the most difficult challenges. She is the one who has given countless of girls the confidence to stand on their own terms because she has done so. She has always believed in the concept of self-sufficiency and having a solid financial position, having grown up as an independent woman herself.

Nowhera Shaik had a difficult journey ahead of her. Beginning with the founding of her own company – Heera Group – and reaching the pinnacle of all financial achievement, to being imprisoned for the wrong reasons, she has seen and experienced everything. The most amazing thing about her is that she has battled her way out of these situations. And has made a tremendous comeback!

After being asked what gave her the strength to confront all difficulties with such bravery, she responded: “You do not have to be brave, situations will make you courageous enough.” What you learn through life is far more valuable than anything you can learn from any academic text. After witnessing so much, I am confident that if you are correct and have guts, you will be able to overcome any difficult scenario. “May God provide every lady in the planet with such incredible strength”.

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