Monday, October 18th, 2021

The forest department of Uttarakhand has dedicated North India’s largest Palmetum to the people

On September 26, 2021, the Uttarakhand Forest Department opened the state’s first palmetum. It is build in the Nainital district’s Haldwani sector.

Important facts

This Palmetum is the largest in North India, with 110 different palm species. It is situated on a three-acre plot of land. It was created over the course of three years for a total cost of Rs. 16 lakh under the CAMPA scheme.

Prof Lalit Tiwari, a botany professor from Kumaon University, gave the inaugural address.

The Palmetum’s Mission

This Palmetum was establish with the goal of supporting conservation and study, as well as raising awareness about the value and ecological relevance of numerous palm species.

The major goal of the Palmetum, according to Sanjiv Chaturvedi, chief conservator of forests (CCF) and head of the state forest research wing, is to promote conservation, further research, and raise awareness about the value and ecological role of various palm species.

“The project, which covers around 3 acres, was created at a cost of Rs 16 lakh during the last three years under the CAMPA scheme,” he said.

Chaturvedi said that according to IUCN classification, around 4 species are critically endanger, 2 species are endanger, 2 species are vulnerable, and 6 species are near threatened, while one is threaten according to the Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board and one is rare according to the Indian Biodiversity Portal.

According to the IUCN classification, there are four severely endanger palm species in Uttarakhand Palmetum Palmetum, two endanger palm species, two vulnerable palm species, and six near threatened palm species. According to the Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board, it also has one threatened species. One species is rare, according to the Indian Biodiversity Portal.

Uttarakhand Palm Species

One palm species in the Palmetum is native to Uttarakhand. Trachycarpus Takil is the scientific name for it (Takil Palm). It is the only palm that can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board has designated this species as an endangered species. Ponytail Palm, Bottle Palm, Redneck Palm, and Spindle Palm are among the Palmetum’s other endanger or threatened species.

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