Monday, October 18th, 2021

What are the challenges faced by Dr. Nowhera Shaik to establish her business?

Dr. Nowhera Shaik Today Heera Group of Companies helps millions of families through various schemes. It is now a well-known and trusted platform for multinational corporations; Operated in five countries: India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait and other Gulf countries. The main goal of his organization; Supporting marginalized people and his initiative’s tagline is known as ‘In the Interest of Mankind’.

Provides a source of interest free income:

She inaugurated the company to empower poor Muslim women in their families. It is illegal in Islam to earn interest from any amount; Which is a big obstacle in front of the Muslim society to use their small resources for a better life. In this connection, Dr. Nowhera Shaik started her company, which provides a source of interest-free income without the limitations of Islam. This is the main reason behind the successful management of her organization.

But how did she start her journey? Has she borrowed from any bank or any person? She started Madrasa Niwan at the age of 19 to provide advanced education to young girls. In those days, she started teaching with six students who gradually became 300 students in a very short time.

To support and help marginalized Muslims Nowhera Shaik was agile:

Then this initial success and courage helped her to start a self-help group. She did not plead strongly because she firmly believed in Islam.

Although according to her statement; Paying interest on any loan is considered illegal in Islam; And from the inside. She is an honest follower of Islam; So she chose the alternative path to start her journey. Taking high risk at just 25 years old is not very easy, moreover; It was very difficult to start her thinking as a female candidate.

But she was aroused by the power of her wisdom to support and help marginalized Muslims; Improve their financial status through legal means supported by Islam and our Constitution. Due to its popularity and great work since 2018. Thus, the responsibility of the investors of Heera Group and every Muslim community lies with Dr. Supporting Nowhera Shaik.

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