Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

‘Melting snow for drinking,’ says an Indian student of Sumy’s suffering.

Malavika Manoj, a third-year medical student from Kerala studying at Sumy State University, has requested an early evacuation from the Indian government, claiming that they cannot survive in the Ukrainian city without water and food for long. 

Malavika Manoj, a third-year medical student from Kerala studying at Sumy State University, said she was compelled to melt snow to quench her thirst when a bomb burst in the Ukrainian city of Sumy on Thursday evening. 

“We had some water stockpiled, but it ran out.” “We got snow from outside and melted it today,” Malavika, one of the 600 students stranded in Sumy, told HT. 

They can hear the sirens and airstrikes, according to her. When they received air alarms due to airstrikes on Thursday, they ran to the bunkers with their passports. 

“There isn’t any power.” I’m not using the phone much because the battery is running low. “Communication can terminate at any time,” she explained. 

So far, no Indian students from Sumy State University, which is close to the Russian border, have been evacuated, according to sources. 

Malavika explained that the students had received information that Indian authorities were attempting to evacuate them across the Russian border, which was only 65 kilometers away. However, in order to go 65 kilometers, the students must obtain authorization from the Ukrainian government. 

“The Indian embassy in Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian government, have yet to grant permission or authorization to go.” If the pupils travel without clearance and something goes wrong, no one will accept responsibility. As a result, we are unable to travel without permission,” Malavika explained. She also stated that they are currently awaiting information on travel authorization. 

On Thursday, the chief of Russia’s National Defence Control Centre, colonel-general Mikhail Mizintsev, stated that his country was prepared with 130 buses to assist Indian students in leaving Ukraine across its borders. 

Malavika wrote to the Indian government, saying, “Our only request is that we evacuate as quickly as possible since we cannot survive without water and food for long.” 

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